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Halshanger Farm

Project Details:

Step into the world of architectural innovation with our latest project showcase! We were tasked with a thrilling challenge: transforming a historic Grade 1 listed barn into a luxurious 3-bedroom holiday getaway. Working hand in hand with planning officers, we navigated strict guidelines, while preserving the barn’s majestic internal expanse.

Our solution? An ingenious blend of functionality and style. We introduced an aluminium shopfront framing system, seamlessly dividing the space into private sanctuaries, all while maintaining uninterrupted sightlines throughout the barn. To further enhance privacy, offering flexibility without sacrificing aesthetics.

The sleek 50mm sight lines of our shopfront, coupled with its industrial allure, perfectly complemented the client’s vision, while satisfying the rigorous standards set by planning authorities. It was a project brimming with creativity and collaboration, resulting in a truly remarkable transformation. Dive into the details of this extraordinary endeavor—it’s a journey you won’t want to miss!

Project Gallery